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17 January 2022, 18:04


Hello Friends, Happy Monday! Today Mas TIKI will invite you to get to know a little more about the work culture in Japan. Why Japan? Because Mas TIKI considers Japan as a country that has a good work ethic. What are the work ethics in Japan? Here it is:

Five minutes early

Workers in Japan Japan always prioritize punctuality (read: five minutes early). Because in Japan, there is a saying that goes, “Being ten minutes early means early, five minutes early means being on time, being on time means you are late”. Whether it's an important meeting, a one-on-one consultation, or a year-end office party. According to Mas TIKI, if we apply this in our work, we will be better at work. By arriving five minutes early, it means we are not like being rushed by time. And we can still do other things, like breakfast for example.

"Office Uniform"

Workers in Japan have an "Office Uniform" which is neatness. In addition to wearing neat clothes, they also have clean hair, neatly cut, and smell good. According to Mas, TIKI creates a good impression at work, it will have an impact on two things. First to ourselves, we become more confident at work. And second, our co-workers will be comfortable to work with us.

Respect for superiors and co-workers (and make sure they know it!)

In Japan every worker who meets his boss will always salute by bowing. Maybe in Indonesia it is very strange when we bow to salute, but we can start by saying “Good morning” when meeting our superiors. As workers, we must respect our superiors. Because like it or not, our boss is the person God has placed as a leader for us at work. Apart from superiors, we must respect our co-workers or fellow workers in our workplace. Whether it's a senior or a junior, we all must respect. Because one day we will definitely need them.


“Nomunication” is a term for Japanese workers to have fun with colleagues outside the office or after working hours are over. The term Nomunication is a combination of “Nomu”, the Japanese term for “drink”, and “communication”. According to Mas TIKI this can also be done in Indonesia. In addition to getting to know colleagues or superiors better, it can also be a place of intimacy.

Hopefully by getting to know the work ethic from Japan, we will become better at work, friend. Happy Monday!