Functions Of Fragile Stickers And Tips For Sending Fragile Goods Safely

Hi friends. Do you want to ship packages that are fragile, breakable, or prone to damage? Examples of glassware such as plates, glasses and flower vases; antiques or collectibles such as statues, paintings, and jewelry; electronic goods such as laptops, cameras, and smartphones; glass items such as mirrors, windows, and auto glass; medical goods such as medical devices and medicines; or foods such as cakes and chocolate. Don't forget to ask for the “Fragile” sticker, friend. "fragile" sticker is a sticker that provides information about an item that requires special handling. Why use a “fragile” sticker?  This sticker has several functions, especially in the delivery of goods that are fragile, breakable, or prone to damage. /p>

Provides information for careful handling: 

A "fragile" sticker provides information to the delivery service about the conditions and special treatment required for packages sent accepted. This helps the delivery party to be more alert when receiving packages. By adding a sticker or label with the words "fragile" to the package, the shipping company will know that the package is vulnerable to damage.

Reduce the risk of damage: 

By adding a "fragile" sticker to the package, the sender can warn the delivery party to treat the package with more care. This can help reduce the risk of damage to the goods being shipped.

Easy identification: 

The "fragile" sticker also helps in identifying packages containing goods - items that are fragile or break easily. With the "fragile" sticker, the delivery party can easily identify packages that require special treatment.

If your package already uses the "fragile" sticker,   ;Mas TIKI, there are tips for sending fragile items safely:

Pack the goods well: 

Make sure the goods to be sent are packed well and safe. Use appropriate packaging materials such as bubble wrap, paper, or suitable boxes to protect goods from impact and damage during the shipping process

Use additional protective materials: 

If necessary, add additional protection such as wooden packaging or packaging materials that can protect goods from impact and damage during transit.

Communicate with the delivery officer: 

Tell the delivery officer that the package you are sending is fragile and requires special handling. This will help ensure that your package is treated with care during the delivery process

Choose the right expedition company: 

Choose an expedition company that has experience in sending fragile goods such as TIKI . Because TIKI  is an expedition company that has decades of experience handling fragile packages well.

What are you waiting for, just send your fragile packages safely using TIKI!