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14 January 2022, 09:18

5 Fortune Other Than Money That Sometimes Forgotten

Hi friends, we often think that fortune is just money. But without us realizing there are other things besides money that can be our fortune. Anything?

Knowledge that we can give to each other

The knowledge that we have sometimes we take for granted. We've studied it for years and we take it for granted. But when there is someone else we can teach with our knowledge and he is very grateful to us for the knowledge he has gained, then we will feel that the knowledge we provide will be a fortune for him. And usually we will also get knowledge that we do not have from him. This is luck for us.

People we love and love us

People around us, especially those who love us and we love, are sometimes “invisible” to us. We are more concerned with other people who are far from us. Even though the people we love and love us are the ones who care when we are in trouble. And it is our fortune when they still remember us and care about us.

Health and strength

2 things we often forget. We only realize it when the body is weak and sickly. When we still have health and strength, we abuse a lot. Though these two things are extraordinary fortune for us. With health and strength we can carry out our activities and reach our dreams.

Feeling calm and safe

This is also a fortune that we sometimes forget. With a sense of calm and security, we can do many things without feeling afraid.


When we attend a funeral, try to pay attention to the tombstone. Sometimes we also often hear a lot of regret. "Ah dear yes, still young has died". "Ah even though only yesterday he was promoted." And many other regrets. From here we must realize that life is a fortune that we sometimes forget. While we are still given the opportunity to live, let us use our lives well so that we can help the lives of others.

Happy Friday buddy. May your luck increase.