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03 January 2022, 08:44

5 Best Ways to Be More Productive at Work in 2022

Hello TIKI friends, happy new year 2022! In this new year, Mas TIKI invites you to be even more enthusiastic about working and creating. To make you more productive at work, Mas TIKI gives tips to be more productive at work.

Be More Productive with the Two Minute Rule

This simple idea was popularized by Author David Allen in his book, Getting Things Done. The Two-minute Rule is if you have a task or job, try to finish it in two minutes. If you put it into practice, the two minute rule can increase your productivity at work.

Eliminate Unnecessary Decisions to Be More Productive

Assertiveness is a time saver. Albert Einstein wore basically the same clothes every day. When asked why his clothes were all the same, Einstein said it took away the decision as to what to wear each morning. That concept can be extended to many of the decisions we have to make. Ask yourself if the decision matters, and if not, don't think about it. Either automate it, like Einstein's suit or build it on the fly without overthinking.

Don't Wait For Inspiration or Motivation

If you are the type who waits for motivational inspiration, just start working on your task, then the idea will appear by itself as we do the task, and without realizing we have completed the task. Early action frees us from over-planning or lack of motivation. This sparks a creative spark. Action produces more action, so when you get stuck, start.

Learn from mistakes

We all feel that something doesn't go according to plan. What separates successful people from others is the ability to learn from mistakes (and hopefully not repeat them). When we face failure, we can learn and try to do better next time.

Prioritize Your "Important Results" Every Day

When we work, some tasks must be completed by a certain date, or even every day. Consider those tasks as “important outcomes” of your day-to-day work and keep a list. Make sure you budget for the time to complete it.

Congratulations on being more productive at your workplace, my friend.