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29 December 2021, 14:08

Let's Take Advantage of Attractive Promos from TIKI

Hi TIKI friends. At the end of 2021, the prices of basic necessities are increasing. But don't worry, at TIKI there are still many promos for you. Let's check any promos

More Savings Delivery Promo for shipments from JABODETABEK

For friends who usually send packages from JABODETABEK, there is good news. Send using TIKI for shipments from JABODETABEK, it's even more economical. Because there is a Save Ongkir Promo from TIKI. So be satisfied, send using TIKI, okay?

Year-End Discount Promo for Delivery from Banyuwangi

If you send a package, TIKI Banyuwangi friends will get a 50% discount from the city of Banyuwangi to all cities (except Banyuwangi, Jember, and Situbondo). For TIKI friends who are in Banyuwangi, you can take advantage of this year-end promo.

Natabu Promo (Mother's Day, Christmas, and New Year)

Attention TIKI Cirebon friends. You can enjoy a 22% promo for shipments from CIREBON by using TIKI's ONS, TDS, and REG products.

Same Day Service (SDS) from IDR 50 thousand

For TIKI friends in Mataram (NTB) and Makassar, use TIKI's SDS products, starting from 50 thousand, your package can already arrive on the same day. For friends TIKI Mataram, delivery from Mataram to JABODETABEK, Denpasar, and Surabaya. For friends TIKI Makassar, delivery from Makassar to Jakarta and Surabaya.

Send Fish Free Surcharge 50%

For friends who sell ornamental fish, don't worry, the 50% surcharge-free promo is back. It's more fun to send the ornamental fish. Yes dong.

So, let's take advantage of this interesting promo from TIKI, friends.