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27 December 2021, 17:08

What Do You Want In The New Year?

Hi buddy. In the days leading up to the end of the year, usually many of us ask ourselves, "What do you want for the New Year?". Mas TIKI conducted a small survey, and the results were 5 wishes in the new year.

Live a Healthier Life

This was conveyed by Mas TIKI's friends who are undergoing regular exercise activities. There are also those who have felt pain for a long period of time. Live healthier in the new year is their desire. With a healthier life, the hope is to be able to carry out activities without burdening others.


Many of Mas TIKI's friends are planning to get married in the new year. Are you one of them? They have planned and even saved and searched for the location of the building from this year. Have you done anything to plan to get married in the new year?

Learn new things

The new year is a time to increase our life skills by learning new things. Because according to Mas TIKI's friends, while we are still given time and opportunity, we must make good use of it. These new learning skills can become habits that you can use throughout your life to complete tasks and communicate effectively. These skills can be continuously developed and improved to help you complete daily tasks or reach your career milestones.

Have More Time With Family

Many of Mas TIKI's friends want to have time with family in the new year. Because they feel "lost" when they see "unseen" children grow up. In the new year they want to have both Quantity and Quality Time with their family. Quality Time is the time allotted for family and loved ones. The trick is to plan time together in the family, to produce happiness together. For example, take advantage of vacation time together. Quantity Time is how much time can be allocated for the family. For example, in a week we have how much time for family.

Work better

Many of Mas TIKI's friends have the desire to work better. Because they feel comfortable at work. Be sincere in your work and success will come to you. Work with your heart and reap the rewards.

Liam Neeson, a hollywood actor we used to enjoy acting in movies said, “The best way to predict your future is to create it”. So for TIKI friends who want to make their wishes come true in the new year, please plan and make your future come true. Welcome to the new year!