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12 January 2022, 08:37


One day Rena saw her mother was busy wrapping the baby clothes she bought yesterday. "Mommy, what are you doing?, asked Rena. "Mommy wants to send a package of baby clothes to Ms. Kinan. "Mbak Kinan is Mas Aris's wife, Ma?" Rena asked. "Yes, Mbak Kinan is pregnant," replied Mama. Rena immediately helped mom arrange the baby's clothes. Then after stacking, the clothes are packed with wrapping paper and plastic.

"Mommy what do you want to send with?" Rena asked again. "Use TIKI, dear. "Why do you use TIKI, Mom?" Rena asked again. "Because TIKI has served Indonesia for 51 years. That means TIKI is still trusted by the Indonesian people in package delivery. Moreover, TIKI has many branches in JABODETABEK and throughout Indonesia,” said Mama.

"We'll go to TIKI office to send the package, Mom?" Rena asked again. "No need dear, TIKI has a pick-up application. So we just order through the application, later Mas TIKI will pick up our package."Isn't it expensive, Mom? ", asked Rena again. "Yeah, no. Using TIKI is always affordable. Moreover, the JABODETABEK postage promo has been extended until March 31, 2022. Our money can save even more.”

"Let's now order via the TIKI application. Choose JEMPOL service. Enter Mbak Kinan's address," said Mama. Not long after, Mas TIKI came to pick up the package. "Wow, it's easy, Ma, to send packages using TIKI," said Rena.