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05 January 2022, 14:43

5 Benefits of Joining SERLOK TIKI

Hello TIKI friends. For those of you who sell online, TIKI provides support for you online businesses through the SERLOK (Seller Online Booking) program. For those of you who join SERLOK, Mas TIKI wants to tell you there are 5 benefits that you can get.

Double Profit

Yes, by joining SERLOK, you get double benefits. Profit from your sales and profit from shipping. Because by joining SERLOK you get a daily discount.

Free Pickup

Joining SERLOK, you don't have to bother anymore to send goods or packages because you already have a free pick-up service from TIKI.

Flexible Payment

If you join SERLOK, payments are already integrated with fintech. You also get a flexible payment facility, namely H+2 through a Virtual Account.

API integration with webstore

API stands for Application Programming Interface. API itself is an interface that can connect one application with another application. For those of you who join SERLOK and already have a webstore, you can easily combine with TIKI services on your webstore via API. So you don't have to bother and just sell.

Promotion on social media and TIKI applications

Another benefit is that you get promotions on TIKI social media and the TIKI application. So your online store gets the opportunity to be seen by more potential customers.

What are you waiting for, let's immediately join SERLOK and get more benefits for your online store.